I am a retired dog groomer with a dog grooming shop at my home which I operate as a hobby in the small community of Eagle Creek.  As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I am filling my retirement days with my greatest joys:  art, photography, kayaking, fishing, dog grooming and gardening.  My husband and I have finally developed the ever important skill of dropping everything and going fishing.  Fishing is a family affair often embarked upon with grandchildren and dogs in tow.

When I first read the Dalai Lama’s book “Beyond Religion” I was both impressed and inspired with his vision of a world brought together by a code of secular ethics.  He has opened the door for people of all faiths and non-faiths to enter on level ground.  To my mind the key to world peace is indeed secular ethics.   I was myself inspired by the possibilities of self improvement and inner peace that learning and developing secular ethics in my own life can bring.  Secular ethics set aside religious, political, discrimination, and preconceived thought processes which bias our perception of humanity.  I come with baggage….we all do…I can now set my baggage aside and know that I am headed in an honest and ethical direction which will do right by the world.

I strongly believe that if our current government and future governments, in fact if all governments worldwide were to adapt to this code of secular ethics there would be vast improvements made to humanity and the environment in general.  Decisions which affect all facets of life would be better made with this code of secular ethics held strongly in mind.

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  1. Hi Eldy,
    I had no idea you had this blog in addition to your art blog. Furthermore I see you have a blog for photos, and dog as well. You are such and inspiration and I think these are great idea that I could apply my self since I’ve been wondering what to do with different things I’d like to blog, but don’t have much to do with art.
    Love this blog, and all it stands for!…Keep up the good work, for all you do plays a part in making a difference in our world.
    Hugs, Deb xx

    • Welcome to the other sides of me. I decided on separate blogs as my interests are quite varied. Some things are better enjoyed in their separate milieus without having to slog through other stuff. Thanks for having a peek at the others and let the good times roll in 2012.

      • I can’t blame you for that. I’ve been trying to do the same thing…Don’t want to confuse people with putting things on my art blog that are not about art….But I get confused…You very good at keeping things separate and under control. This is a lovey site, and with a good cause!
        Hope your year is going well for you so far, and thanks for visiting me. Have a wonderful day, hun…Hope to see you soon again!
        Hugs, xx

    • Thanks Judith…I’m on my way to your page now…I think this is the one that I lost track of when I moved my blog over…I deleted the blog before I checked to be sure I had it all. I have the info on file in my documents still I think but I’ll check out your post to be sure it’s the same one. Thanks again!

    • Thank you,for both the kind thoughts and the Kreative Blogger Award. I’m on my way to your page to gather the info I’ll need to accept. Again, thank you!

  2. Hello, Eldy.
    I would love to skim through the rest of your entries, but I did wish to tell you that I, myself, am doing something similar to your 365 project. Mine hasn’t begun yet, though! I am currently researching many things before my journey begins. My lifestyle will change gradually, but quickly, starting when I move into my new apartment. I would appreciate if you had the chance to offer me any advice you may have or knowledge you may have picked up through your journey so far.
    Thank you kindly,

      • I used the “image” widget to create the sidebar links. You upload a small (160X160) photo to you image library, that gives you the “image URL” , then use the “site URL” that you want the link to open in the box that is there for it. I hope that makes sense. Anyway it is a widget labelled image. Good luck.

  3. A pleasure to “meet” you, Eldy! Seems like we have a lot in common…am really enjoying your blog–and just realized you have a couple more. I will have to check those out!
    Peace and veggies,

  4. Dropped by via Daily Press after reading you are using the Widely theme. I was considering it myself, but struggled with the install and stayed with Pilcrow. I like what you’ve done with it! And your life..you are living my dream life in a lot of ways. I lok forward to following more of your adventures.
    Happy Holidays from Maryland, USA

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