Chicken tractor

Those chicks galore have turned into roosters galore! The ratio of 50-50 that was supposed to happen..ideally…was actually +65% roosters. We only have 4 pullets to add to our flock of laying hens and the other 11 are roosters. That really crowded things up on the boy side of the coop. As a solution I found a photo of a chicken tractor on Bing search and Mike built something similar.

IMGP1769IMGP1766IMGP1768IMGP1786 As we did last summer, the front lawn will be fenced with an electro-net. The hens will still be allowed out there in the mornings while the roosters live in the tractor pen. In the afternoon we will close the gate for the hens and let the roosters out on the front lawn to browse. They will put themselves to bed on the roost in the tractor…all I have to do is go out and close the door to keep them safe overnight.This way the roosters will have a chance to mature and grow to full size by the fall.

IMGP1793I kept 2 roosters aside to decide which one I want to keep. I still have not gotten the hatching eggs that I ordered in November for the larger breed birds. Therefore it may be necessary to have our own rooster on site in order to increase our flock of hens next year. I still have not given up on the Orpington and the CouCou de Maline breeds…I just hoped to have the eggs sooner.

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