Mealworm farming

DSCN2308It is time for a little experiment in raising mealworms for both feeding the chickens and our recreational fishing fun. I already have a successful worm farm (red wrigglers and euro night crawlers) to supplement the chickens diet through the winter so why not try this out too. I’ve done my research online and gotten some great ideas.  Just searched on Bing for videos of “how to raise mealworms”. Ideally I should start out with about 1000 mealworms or with the darkling beetles to lay eggs. However I just got a couple of bags of mealworms from the bait shop and will take it from there. I started with this simple salad container just to give the ones that I bought time to adjust to being viable again. They had been stored in a refrigerator in the bait shop. I used ground up chicken feed pellets, 16% protein, to which I added ground up oatmeal. Into that I placed an apple slice for a source of moisture and of course the mealworms.

DSCN2327I got these stackable storage drawers from a local shop to move them to after about a week but waited until we got to the much more reasonably priced WalMart instead…saved $10 on two sets. I’ve placed the drawer set up in the shop hallway beside the worm bin where it is nice and warm.

DSCN2328It is now just over 4 weeks later and they have begun to transform into pupae. So far, of the 38 mealworms that I purchased, there are 22 pupae.

DSCN2329I have moved the pupae into the top drawer and will continue to do so as they all change. It will be another 4 to 6 weeks or so before they start to transform into darkling beetles that will eventually lay about 100 eggs each.


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