chicks in 13th week

DSCN2290The young birds have access to the outdoor yard now.  They have been out there only a couple of times…while we made changes to the coop layout. They are not quite brave enough to wander out there on their own except for one or two of the cockerels. The wind spooks them even though it is a mild +5C.

DSCN2304We re-arranged the interior of the coop to accommodate the growing size of the young birds. It is pretty much shared half and half with the original hens now.

We don’t have the new breed hatching eggs as yet. Once those are ready for pick up there will be another 21 days of incubation and 2 weeks in the brooder. Those will be Buff Orpingtons and Malines and they will move into the newly set up side with a warming corner when they’re old enough.

That could well take us into the end of May so there will be plenty of time to set up an outdoor shelter/tractor for the current young roosters to live in through the summer. The current young hens, of which there are likely only 5 of the 15 birds hatched in December, will take up residence with the original hens once they start laying eggs…in their 16th to 18th week.


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