Chicks at 7 weeks

dscn2263Really, they are not very “chick” like any more…they are feathered out well and of course have grown like mad. The temperature in the coop varies from -5C to +5C without the heat lamp on now that it’s not -27C outside anymore. We’ll remove the warming enclosure walls to give them more open floor space on their side of the coop. They have already chosen on their own to spend little to no time at all in there. If the temperature drops below -10C overnight we can always just turn the lamp on as needed but it is very well insulated so probably not necessary. So far I have witnessed 5 different ones crowing but there are likely more roosters than that…some slow bloomers yet to reveal themselves.

We are planning to build a movable temporary shelter for the roosters to summer and free range on the front lawn. The remaining young hens from this batch of chicks will join the older hens in the coop to free range on the side yard and garden paths. Our second batch of  hatching eggs will be incubated in March.

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