chicks 5 weeks old-moving day

DSCN2238.jpgToday we moved our 15 chicks out of the brooder and into the chicken coop. It went quite well although they were of course stressed. We left them to settle on their own for a couple of hours in the warming enclosure while I cleaned out the brooder etc.

dscn2240When we returned to the coop they were calm and just outside the entry to the warmer; some were sipping water and others were just snuggled close together. They were not clumped half on top of each other like at the beginning. They had lived in the brooder for 5 weeks but it was sure crowded; our next batch will not have to stay in there that long as the weather will be warmer by April. It appears that they are feathered out enough to feel comfortable. They will (I hope) be drawn back into the warming enclosure by the light and warmth of the heat lamp tonight. The hens on the other side of the partition found the process a bit stressful too but got over it quickly.

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