Chicks-4 weeks old now


dscn2206The chicks are growing and maturing at such a swift rate. We turned off the heat lamp over the brooder yesterday. The brooder temperature is holding at 20C. This morning when the lights went on one little rooster let out a faint yet clearly audible crow to celebrate. It was their first night of actual darkness.

We prepared a warming enclosure in what will be the chicks side of the chicken coop today. It should make the transition at the end of the week good for them. The temperature under the light in the warmer is sitting at 20C, the coop temperature today with the door wide open is only +3C and the overnight temperature is expected at -8C. Hopefully they can goof around all over their section and dash back into the warming enclosure as needed. The brooder in the shop hallway is getting too crowded but we are just trying to give them as much time as possible to feather out more (some still have some baldish/downy spots).

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