Incubation day 18

Today I candled the eggs for the final time as tomorrow is lock-down for the incubator. The recommendation is to stop the rotating process and increase the relative humidity to 60% followed by no more lifting of the lid. The chicks should start to hatch by day 21.

Many of the eggs are getting full and as a result dark…not much to see. I saw movement in most of them though. Those dark green eggs were impossible. There are a few odd looking ones but only time will tell what is really going on in there.

Today I also tested out my idea of using coffee filters as wicking paper to increase the humidity. Coffee filters really wick up too much water to lay out over the edge of each trough so I draped them from one trough into the other. This does create more evaporation surface anyway too. After a couple of adjustments so they would not cause dripping outside of the unit, they seem to be doing the trick. Now instead of having the vent at maximum closure I have it at half way open and it maintains 45-46%. In theory I should be able to have the vent open adequately for air as the chicks hatch and still maintain 60% humidity.

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