candling eggs

This is day 11 or 12 of incubation so it is time to show off the baby photos!!

There are so far 2 eggs (speckled green ones) that were not fertile at all…I removed them today.

The others look good so far…lots of veins and movement. The dark green ones are almost impossible to see into although with photo editing veins are viewable on two for sure. I am not sure about two of the browner eggs either…hard to see too. I have been candling the eggs every other day when I have had to add water to the two troughs in the Brinsea incubator. Our weather has been very cold and dry so that maintaining the relative humidity between 40-50% in the incubator has required both troughs full and the vent at maximum closure. I’ll probably have to use wicking paper to get the relative humidity to go up to 60-65% for the hatching time when it’s important to have the vent more open.

Ten or so days to go!!!

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