Abundance in Drought: Biointensive Sustainable Gardening

I am so glad that we put the time, money and effort into our raised beds and greenhouse improvements.  The raised beds are comfortable to work on.  We also placed slow soaker hoses in each bed so that there is very little loss of water to quick evaporation especially when the leafy canopy is thick. I plant close to accomplish this rich canopy.  We have covered the beds with cold frames which we did not remove this year.  Instead we propped them up and the veggies are protected from the extreme heat of the sun and the vicious pelting of hail and hard thunderstorm rains but still get adequate light.  Every year I have enriched the topsoil that we had trucked in with compost.  This has greatly improved the yield in the garden…also I have paid attention to what grows best in our area and stopped planting those that do not grow well.  I discovered an all-organic liquid fertilizer that has resulted in delightful yields of tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse too. We improved the airtightness of the greenhouse to encourage growth during the chill northern spring…using a wood stove to heat overnight then too.  We monitored the high heat…our weather has been 30 degree C.  during the day with 8 to 10 degrees C. at night…and kept making more window flaps to open during the day until it is just right.  All these efforts are paying off.  Thank you Mother Nature!

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