First time out on Mahood Lake

What a wonderful and beautiful Provincial Park site and lake this is!!!

DSCN0519DSCN0535It was our first time fishing on Mahood Lake.  There are Lake Trout down deep and Rainbow Trout to be found throughout.  We caught two Rainbow but only kept the 2 pounder for supper.  It is a large and very deep lake so the fish tasted delicious without that “muddy” summer taste of those from less deep lakes around. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful on this sunny day…but to be honest we nearly melted in the heat on the way back into shore.  The wind had died down and it was hot, hot, hot.

DSCN0536 DSCN0538We were there at the group site of the campground to join in on an 80th birthday celebration.  The weather had been hot and dry for weeks and the fire hazard was “extreme” for the entire province.  Being as there is only one way in and or out we were advised by the campground officials that if fire were to break out to get out on the lake.  That was a little disconcerting but the day was totally enjoyed by all who attended.  The whole roast pig, cooked on a propane powered spit was delicious…campfires and fire pits are currently prohibited due to fire hazard.DSCN0541DSCN0543Beautiful B.C. is no exaggeration!!

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