Our Motley Crew

Our little flock of chickens is made up of a rather motley crew.  They are now 7 weeks old and pretty much all feathered out.  Only one so far has displayed his “rooster-ness” with a semi- confident crow of sorts.  If there are other roosters in the bunch they are keeping a low profile.DSCN0471DSCN0445


The chicken coop is all finished and they are enjoying their comfy new home.  It is a very sturdy building…built to withstand any siege of predatory beasties.  They have an attached safe yard to use right now while they are too small but soon enough we’ll have the electro-net fencing in place so they can be “free-range”…well free-ish.  Our dogs are going to have to learn to respect the electro-net fence…probably the hard way…or only get outside in the smaller less fun back yard.DSCN0288DSCN0297

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