A Tale of Two Lakes

We fished on Sunday at Bobbs Lake.  Gorgeous day, we arrived at 9:30 am…kinda late…but still managed to catch 3 fish.  The one Rainbow  Trout made for a delicious dinner but only one of the Kokanee was good to eat…the other was mushy and smelled odd so it got thrown into the fish fertilizer barrel.  Awesome outing…sort of choppy on the lake but well worth the time.DSCN0333On Monday we headed out to Paddy Lake for Rainbow Trout.  The limit there is 2 per person and we got that hardly any time at all.  We took 2 of them across the street to Joe who just happened to by baching it for the night and really appreciated the prize.  The other 2 graced our dinner table….mmmmmmmmm, so good!DSCN0356On the way home we stopped at Mother Nature’s craft shop to collect some roots to adorn Mike’s bird houses.  The day was warm, the flowers were glowing, the bugs were buzzing and check out the grouse…”you can’t see me” stance in the middle of the trail.DSCN0403DSCN0406DSCN0436

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