Springin’ along

The upgrades on greenhouse are making an amazing difference on the temperature control; the proof is in the great growing efforts of the plants therein.DSCN0207We’ve gotten the first layer of the new potato box well underway.  I removed the rocks which were just to keep the dogs away. I enriched some soil with our own compost, added it to the box, placed the seed potatoes in then covered them with more soil today.  The sides of the boxes will increase in height as the potato plants grow and are “hilled up”.  The chicken wire that we encircled it with is to keep our newest puppy out of trouble.  That will have to stay in place until the sides are too high for the puppy to reach in.DSCN0157DSCN0217The area around the rhubarb and the raspberry canes is now completed with newspaper, cardboard and soil.  Looks great…sure hope the weeds die off like planned.DSCN0216

There was a strip of crazy wild weeds, piled up dirt and rocks along the side of the cabin waiting patiently for some much-needed leveling and de-rocking…eight years of patiently waiting I might add.  Now at long last I managed to beat the living death out of it and it is semi-level, seeded with grass seed, covered until germination to protect it from the marauding sparrows and barricaded against the curious and bratty dogs.  I should be able to mow it along with the rest of the yard…the bees will miss the lovely array of 4 foot tall thistles but oh well!!DSCN0219

The chicken coop is coming along wonderfully.DSCN0213This week the galvanized roofing will go on and the siding too.  Then it is just a matter of nest boxes and roost to get done.  We’ll have the day old chicks on Sunday but they’ll stay in one of the kennels in the shop for a couple of weeks until they grow some feathers.


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