Biointensive Gardening 2015

Spring has arrived earlier than usual in the Cariboo and we are so ready for it. Mike is busily reworking and making more cold frames for the garden.  This summer we are getting chickens that I will allow to roam the garden in hopes that their constant scratching about for worms and bugs will keep my paths weeded.  But, we will protect our veggies by attaching chicken wire to the cold frames as well as a roll-up system of plastic to protect the plants from cold and nasty things like hail.


We revamped the greenhouse  to improve the amount of light as well as the airtightness to keep the heat in better at night.  We’ve added a window on both side walls to release heat during the hot summer days too.  Last year it was a struggle to keep the heat in there from escalating to 40C which has a bad effect on the plants.  The vents we had in place on either ends of the building did not catch the natural cross-breeze direction…these new adjustable ones will do the trick.DSCN0150

I have prepped the beds with a much more efficient system using binder twine to trellis the tomato, cucumber and pepper plants as they grow.  I also laid down a perforated layer of plastic which is supposed to improve  the moisture and weed control as well as the fruit production. I researched how to prune and train the plants up this type of string system and we should benefit from a less “wild” over growth of foliage and better fruit growth.  Happy Spring Gardening everyone!!


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