New Year…New Goals 2015

IMGP0227 (1280x682)Every year I post this list of Goals to work toward during the New Year and add a couple of new goals too:

  1. Always remember that you can make a difference!
  2. Air-dry clothes on a clothesline or drying rack instead of the dryer.
  3. Walk or ride your bicycle to work at least once a week.
  4.  Educate yourself on environmental issues.
  5. Walk or ride your bicycle to places that are within two miles.
  6. Get together a carpool to work or use the transit system.
  7. Reduce flight-travel by vacationing closer to home.
  8. Arrange to have a car-free day once a week or once a month.
  9. Plant—-trees in your neighbourhood
  10. Set up a work at home one day a week or once a month.
  11. Do not purchase paper napkins, towels, and plates.
  12. Use reusable cloth bags as gift bags at Christmas and all year.
  13. Donate magazines and catalogs to clinics, etc.
  14. One day a week, have no-electricity day.
  15.  Get an energy audit of your home and improve its efficiency.
  16. Install solar panels at your home.
  17. Purchase organic food.
  18. Seek out and purchase as much locally grown produce as possible.
  19. Reduce the use of hair dryers and appliances.
  20. Eat at least one vegetarian meal a week.
  21. Grow your own produce in your own garden, on a deck or balcony.
  22. Refuse to use pesticides or herbicides and encourage your neighbour to also.
  23. Compost kitchen waste either using garden composter or vermin-composting.
  24. Check to see if you can purchase renewable-source electricity (wind, geothermal).
  25. Convert all lighting to compact fluorescents.
  26. Eliminate or reduce the use of air-conditioning at home.
  27. Turn down your heating thermostat by 2 degrees at home.
  28. Install a programmable thermostat at home.
  29. Turn off computers while not in use.
  30. Install energy-efficient insulation and window at home.
  31. Eat a vegetarian only diet.
  32. Change to driving a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  33. Do not purchasing disposable items with lots of packaging.
  34. Use the library, instead of buying books, as much as possible.
  35. Always use cloth or other reusable bags for shopping etc.
  36. Always use biodegradable cleaning products.
  37. Always recycle and encourage other to do so too.
  38. Reuse and recycle all items possible.
  39. Buy clothing and other reusable items in used thrift shops.
  40. Meditate once a week on how you can reduce your consumption, and act on this.
  41. Plant native and drought-tolerant plants where applicable.
  42. Use a power bar for appliances and turn it off when on in use to avoid drawing phantom electricity.
  43. Set computer and display to turn off after ten minutes of inactivity.
  44. Reduce the temperature on your hot water tank.
  45. Be more aware of consumer habits and choices.
  46. Take 5 minute, warm showers.
  47. Install a solar water heating unit.
  48. Set up a reusable gray water system.
  49. Flush the toilet only when necessary.
  50. Do not leave the faucet on while brushing teeth or shaving.
  51. Reduce overall water usage.
  52. Install a system to capture and store rainwater.
  53. Pick up litter along walking/jogging route.
  54. Encourage a friend to commit to items on this list.
  55. Write articles/stories to help others learn how to be eco-friendly.
  56. Meditate once a week on your relationship to the environment.
  57. Write to local and national politicians calling for more effective environmental legislation.
  58. Support local environmental organizations.
  59. Walk up the stairs instead of riding the elevators.
  60. Carry positive, loving and caring thoughts with you every day this year.
  61. Read the book Beyond Religion by the Dalai Lama this year and open your mind to secular ethics as a way to world peace.
  62. Visit the David Suzuki Foundation website this year…learn about the environment.
  63. Visit the Green Party of Canada website this year…learn about what is possible.
  64. Visit as many environmental organizations’ websites (see my links page) as you can until your discover one that resonates with you.
  65. Celebrate nature in some way every day of this year.
  66. Choose a relevant topic on a regular basis…bravely write an honest and respectful opinion piece.
  67. Add to self-reliance with backyard hens for fresh eggs.
  68. Create a bio-intensive cycle using chickens to enhance the gardening process.

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