Today I ate an apple with a worm in it…how wonderful!!

IMGP0235 (1280x776)

What a delightful concept…fresh fruit from trees just a few kilometers away (not from clear around the world) and grown without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.  Yes, there was the fore-mentioned worm which I cut out prior to eating but to be honest…if it is good enough for the worm…it is good enough (even better) for me!IMGP0233 (1280x850)

My entire garden is grown that wonderfully natural way.  That is the way that is safe enough for all living creatures to eat and thrive on.  My bio-intensive gardening efforts have yielded a prolific crop of tomatoes, onions, garlic, green bean, beets, turnip, carrots, potatoes, acorn squash, zucchini and strawberries.  And, I am thrilled to say that all of Mother Nature’s creatures have at some point enjoyed the banquet untarnished by the type of chemical warfare that is all too common in food production these days.IMGP0226 (1280x742)

Could the size and quantity of the veggies have been larger with the use of chemicals…maybe so.  But the flavor and the healthiness would have suffered as too would the environment into which said chemicals would inevitably leech.  It is increasingly difficult to find the basic necessities of life…food, water, air and shelter…that do not have a negative impact on our lives.  So, I continue to take very seriously my own responsibility of caring for the planet as well as those closest to me.IMGP9457 (1280x799)

Happy bio-intensive gardening, my friends, I hope you are all loving this wonderful green life and keeping the planet safe under your care!

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