Desmog Canada’s KickStarter Campaign and David Suzuki

This is a well planned and worthwhile initiative by Desmog Canada to get important environmental news out there without all the political interference typical of traditional media which rely on government funding…share this if you can.  Also I think it is important to take three minutes of your time to click to watch why David Suzuki reads Desmog.

Why David Suzuki reads DeSmog Canada

Today, hundreds of thousands of people marched in the streets of New York and in cities all over the world to demand our leaders take action on climate change.

It becomes clearer every day that climate change is the defining issue of our time. Yet, traditional media outlets in Canada often fail to cover important environmental stories. And when they do cover them, they often leave out  the vital context of manmade global warming.

In just one week, readers like you have already donated nearly $10,000 to support quality environmental journalism through DeSmog Canada’s Kickstarter campaign — thank you!

Here’s the thing: we will only receive the funds if we can raise another $40,000 to reach our goal by Oct. 12th. If you haven’t donated yet, can you chip in $50 or $100 today?

In a video released today, David Suzuki talks about why he relies on DeSmog Canada to help cut through the spin and tell the real stories that matter to Canadians.

“I not only read every day and support their goals, but actually am working to help fundraise to support their efforts to grow so they can keep bringing this kind of high-quality content to Canadians. And I’m asking you to do the same,” Suzuki says.

Will you join David Suzuki and support DeSmog Canada today?

We’re offering some great perks to early supporters — like a signed copy of Naomi Klein’s new book or a fishing trip with the DeSmog Canada team.

Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. We only have 21 days left to reach our goal, so please give what you can today.

Thanks for your support,

Carol Linnitt, on behalf of the DeSmog Canada team

P.S. If you’ve already donated, please consider sharing the new David Suzuki video with your friends and family.

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