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The untold story of environmental rights

“About three years ago, I started losing my hair. And we found out afterward that many women in our neighbourhood, and young girls as well, were losing their hair.”

– Nielle Hawkwood, Cochrane resident

Something is wrong in Cochrane, Alberta. People are getting sick, animals are dying and the landscape is becoming scarred. This is “Broken Ground”, the story of why we desperately need the right to live in a healthy environment recognized for all Canadians, and the price we’re all paying because it’s not. 

“Industry will do the bare minimum. Government will do the bare minimum. I think it’s up to us to demand more.”

– Chelan Haynes, Cochrane resident 

Over the past several months, the David Suzuki Foundation has pulled together original research and in-person interviews to bring you a story of incredible heartbreak but also incredible strength. Through our comprehensive examination of the evolution in environmental thinking, the state of our rights today and what other leading nations are doing, “Broken Ground” provides a clear case for why Canada needs to recognize its citizens’ right to a healthy environment.

“What I hear from them is always to talk about how important it is to create jobs, and somehow that becomes the licence for destroying everything else around us.”

– Ovide Mercredi, former AFN National Chief

“Broken Ground” is the story of people who are confronting massive oil development while struggling to cope with severe health impacts. The story of people who tried to bring these rights to Canada decades ago but were ahead of their time. And the story of what can happen when a growing movement of Canadians asks leaders to do something simple: live up to Canada’s values and ensure a healthier future for everyone.

“A campaign today to respect a clean and healthy environment — is that a good thing? Does it make us as a country stronger? Absolutely. Go for it.”

– Svend Robinson, former MP

“Broken Ground” marks the launch of a multi-year campaign to guarantee the right to a healthy environment for every Canadian by every level of government. Read the stories, share them with your friends and become part of a growing movement of Canadians who are standing up for the people and places they love.

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