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Read our latest report: Stop Oil and Gas Pipelines!

Hi Eldy,

Today we’re very excited to be launching our new educational report, Stop Oil and Gas Pipelines.

The push to construct so many new tar sands pipelines and other fossil fuel projects is something our communities have come to know all too well in recent times. For those of us committed to fighting for climate action, the prospect of massive new carbon-carrying mega-structures is a scary one.

We simply cannot afford to pump that much carbon into the atmosphere if we want to avoid runaway climate change.

There are dozens of major oil and gas pipelines currently in place across Canada, and nine more proposed or recently constructed. We face a dizzying array of names – from Line 9 in the east to Kinder Morgan in the west, from Northern Gateway in the north to Keystone XL in the south.

We produced this new report to help you to understand just what the oil and gas industry has planned for our communities, and the level to which they can influence our politics here in Canada.

Click here to visit our website and download the report >>

After this report went to press, the federal government announced its approval of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline – but we know that the fight to stop this risky project is far from over.

This summer we will also continue to support our First Nations allies, as well as local governments in cities like Vancouver and Burnaby, in their opposition to the proposed Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline. As intervenors at the Kinder Morgan regulatory hearings, the Wilderness Committee is working towards having climate change included in the list of issues being considered. (Right now, any discussion about climate change is not permitted as part of the hearings!)

Will you help give the campaign a boost by sharing our new report with your friends, family and neighbours? If you’d like hard copies to distribute in your community, just email papers@wildernesscommittee.org and let us know how many you need.

You can also take action by writing a letter to federal decision-makers (if you haven’t already), confirming your opposition to reckless tar sands proposals that put our coast, communities and climate at risk.

Click here to write a letter today >>

We are not going to sit back and watch the oil and gas industry and our government enablers ignore the science on climate change while pushing us towards climate chaos. With your help, we can make it clear to the world that Canadians are taking climate change seriously.


Eoin Madden | Climate Campaigner
Wilderness Committee

Eoin Madden


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