Biointensive Garden 2014 Update

Here’s a photo display of the garden for 2014…I’m so pleased with what’s growing so far.  The weather has been so unpredictable with thunder and lightening coupled with hail and pounding rain.  Those cold frame covers are proving to be the best idea ever!  For the record, beans don’t grow well up here but I refuse to give up.  I have them under the cold frame for the time being…once they grow too tall it’s come what may if the weather is too chill.  I lay down straw between the raised beds as a mulch to keep down the weed growth…it works well and I love the smell of straw underfoot.

IMGP9935 (1280x850)

IMGP9936 (1280x823)

IMGP9942 (1280x850)IMGP9954 (1280x835)IMGP9949 (1280x962)IMGP9931 (1280x850)IMGP9940 (1280x850)IMGP9950 (1280x850)IMGP9939 (1280x850)

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