You know its spring when you neightbour snow-blows his garden!

Yes, indeed, spring has arrived in the Cariboo and we northern gardeners are chomping at the bit to get the growing season on the go!  I awoke the other morning to an odd sound…it had the dogs snorting and pacing to get out into the backyard.  There it was…my neighbour on the hill above us running his snow-blower  over his garden patch.  It was a very effective process…the snow was just a-flying.  I thought it was a clever idea but not necessary for our garden as the raised beds seem to effectively catch adequate sun and wind to clear themselves.

I have made a start on the gardening front though.  My loft has a tiny square by the window set up and already growing some spindly seedlings of tomatoes, acorn squash, peppers and cucumbers.  I made a foray into the greenhouse today to ruffle the beds into troughs and poured in scoops of our home-brewed liquid fish fertilizer.  What a ghastly smelly job that is!  We ice fish throughout the winter and save the guts, heads and tails in a large tub which we fill with water in the spring and let percolate in the summer heat.  The previous season I put it in the beds  in the fall and let it sit all winter to thaw and fertilize the gardens in the spring.  This year I thought I’d do the dirty chore in the spring instead.  I managed the greenhouse just fine as the soil is well thawed in there.  The soil in some of the outdoor garden beds was not thawed enough to complete the job.  Now the tub is sitting out there waiting for more beds to thaw.  Mother Nature controls it all!  I sure hope the bears don’t think it is too interesting.

I’d like to get my little seedlings out in the greenhouse soon.  We have a wood stove to keep it warm but there is still some frost in the soil below a foot in the beds in there.  I don’t want the little duffers to get cold feet.  On a happier note the rhubarb has already popped out of the ground…such a hardy plant.  Most of the snow is gone from the sunny side of the yard but the snow in the shade is still piled high.

We must hurry up and wait.


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