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Today I share a newsletter from the Sierra Club BC:


Standing up for B.C.’s Water

We kicked off World Water Week with a stint in the courtroom, where Justice Fitzpatrick heard our case against the B.C. government for allowing oil and gas companies to dewater north-eastern B.C. You’ll be shocked at how much water one single authorization from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission allows to be extracted for fracking. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn


Habits, Consequences and 15 Seconds of Fame

“Old Habits + New Technology = Dramatically Altered Consequences”. What does this equation mean to you? Plastic-free blogger Carol-Lynne Michaels has some ideas. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn


Heart of Quadra Parks Saved!

Kayakers rejoice! The B.C. government has closed the deal on a key piece of  land connecting two spectacular marine parks, and featuring a historic portage trail and aboriginal clam garden. Congratulations to Sierra Quadra and Quadra Islanders who laboured for 17 years to make it happen. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn


Featured Event

Join the People’s Procession & Rally on Saturday, April 12th to raise community awareness and voice opposition to Kinder Morgan’s proposed TransMountain pipeline. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
Find other events in your area.


Unity for the Climate

Joseph Boutilier is taking one wheel to the road, embarking via unicycle on a 5,000 km trip to Ottawa to call on government to take action on climate change, respect for First Nation treaties and inherent land rights and an end to the muzzling of publicly-funded scientists. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn

A big thank you to Bill Hartley Insurance Services for their Sierra Club Insurance Program, whose home and tenant insurance programs help to support our work.

Photo credits (top to bottom): Andrew S. Wright; Zefa Stock creative commons image; Carol-Lynne Michaels; Ralph Keller; Sierra Club BC. 


About Us


Sierra Club BC’s mission is to protect B.C.’s wilderness and wildlife, especially in light of global warming. 

Be sure to click on the headings to read more on each topic!!

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