Picture your favourite provincial park with a pipeline through it!?!?

Here is an important letter that I got via email to share from CPAWS-BC:

Dear Eldy,

Picture your favourite provincial park. Now picture it with a pipeline through it. Now is your last chance to tell the Minister of Environment to stop proposed changes to the Park Act that would allow this!

The Park Amendment Act (Bill 4) proposed by the B.C. government will open the doors for industrial research in our parks and will make it possible for park boundaries to be altered to allow for industrial activity.

The Park Amendment Act is now at the final stage of approval — we need to act quickly before it becomes a law.  

Write to the Minister of Environment and tell her what you think of the proposed changes.

Over 700 British Columbians have stood up for our parks and written letters to the Minister. Will you join them? We’re are trying to reach 1,000 letters by the end of the weekend to let the Minister know that British Columbians do not support the proposed changes to the Park Act.









Peter Wood Director of Terrestrial Campaigns, CPAWS-BC

This is such an important issue to stand up for!

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