Nature Challenge

Here is a Nature Challenge from the David Suzuki Foundation:

Here’s an early bird invitation for you and your school to join us for the 30×30 Nature Challenge this May!

At its heart, the 30×30 Nature Challenge is about getting people of all ages outdoors more often. It’s a simple, yet meaningful way to develop a deeper connection with nature while improving health and well-being.

Being regularly immersed in a natural setting — like a park, woodland or forest — can reduce stress and symptoms of attention-deficit disorders while boosting immunity, energy levels and creativity. Plus, children who spend time in nature are far more likely to protect it later in life. The message is clear: Kids need nature! And so do teachers.

Registration for the 30×30 Nature Challenge starts April 1 but we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the 30×30 School Toolkit so you can start planning your school’s engagement.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to join us outside this year, please contact Aryne Sheppard, Senior Public Engagement Specialist, at

Aryne, Rachelle and the David Suzuki Foundation team

What a great idea…check it out!!

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