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Changes to the Park Act threaten B.C.’s protected areas

Earlier this month, the Province introduced legislation that could weaken the Park Act significantly, allowing industry to carry out “research” within B.C.’s protected areas related to pipelines, transmission lines, and other industrial activity.

Find out what Peter Wood, Terrestrial Campaigns Director has to say about these changes.

Protect nature while supporting your local farmer

Right now, you can get $10 off a box of delicious local, organic produce delivered right to your door. For every box purchased, will donate $10 to CPAWS-BC. This is your chance to get a nutrient-packed assortment of locally grown produce, while supporting wilderness protection.

Purchase your box of local, organic produce today!

On the shoulders of giants

There is a growing gap in the conservation movement. Many of B.C.’s leading conservationists, who have been at the forefront of getting thousands of acres of wild places protected, are nearing retirement age.

Learn how CPAWS-BC is working to fill this gap through Take Back the Wild, a conservation training program for British Columbians under the age of 30.

Help keep B.C.’s parks closed to industrial development

Let the B.C. government know that you love B.C.’s parks and want them kept intact. Please send a letter to the Minister of the Environment asking the B.C. government not to make changes to the Park Act that will undermine the integrity of B.C.’s parks and protected areas!

Take action to preserve B.C.’s parks today! 

It’s time to celebrate sustainable seafood!

Momentum is growing for an official National Sustainable Seafood Day in Canada. On March 4th, sustainable seafood supporters and chefs from across Canada will be joining the movement with an event celebrating sustainable seafood on Parliament Hill.

The importance of a National Sustainable Seafood Day will be shared with Members of Parliament and Senators, as the time is now for our government to join us in supporting responsible seafood choices for Canadians and for our oceans.

Conservation in the News

Vancouver Sun: B.C. legislation would allow oil and energy companies to conduct prelimary research in parks

Georgia Straight: BC legislation would clear path for pipeline studies in parks

Global: Federal judge rules Ottawa failed to protect 4 endangered species

Vancouver Sun: B.C. humpback whales use seabirds to find herring, new research reveals

Looking to make a LASTING difference to wilderness and oceans?

Join the Wilderness Protection Club and provide ongoing support to help save widlife and ecosystems today, tomorrow and beyond with a small monthly donation to CPAWS-BC. A monthly donation is easy to set up and is the best way to help us protect B.C. wilderness and oceans year-round.

Join the Wilderness Protection Club today!

About this newsletter

The CPAWS-BC monthly e-newsletter allows us to connect with our membership on a regular basis. Please feel free to circulate the newsletter among your own contacts and network. We welcome comments or feedback on the newsletter format or content – send us an email!

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is a national non-profit organization. CPAWS exists to help conserve wild nature in Canada. We have been protecting Canada’s nature since 1963 – that’s over 50 years of successful conservation experience. Since the founding of CPAWS, we have played a significant role in protecting over 150 million acres of Canada’s wild spaces.

Our vision is to protect at least 50% of B.C.’s wilderness and oceans, keeping B.C.’s great parks, oceans and ecosystems wild for this century and beyond.

What an excellent resource this newsletter is…I hope everyone has a few minutes to click on the links to read more!

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