Yes, we won Fish Lake…but…

I received the following email from the Sierra Club celebrating the rejection of the proposed New Prosperity Mine:

Uncork the bubbly – we won Fish Lake!

Dear Eldy,

Just a few hours ago, the federal government rejected the proposed New Prosperity Mine. The Cabinet upheld the scathing findings of the environmental panel, which found that the mine would have significant and irreversible impact on fish habitat, water quality and Aboriginal rights.

Eldy, thank you so much for being part of this victory! We’re so proud of you and all of our Sierra family. It took nearly a decade to get to this moment, and at times it seemed that we had to prove the obvious over and over again. Without your commitment and staying power, Fish Lake would be slated for destruction.

Of course there is more work to do. We need to restore the strong level of protection that was removed from our Fisheries Act in 2013. We also need to bring B.C.’s mining legislation into the 21st century. But for today, we’re taking the time to celebrate.

People working together is an unbeatable power. Thank you for being part of it.

For the land and waters,
Bob Peart
Bob Peart
Executive Director
Sierra Club BC

But, this victory leaves me to ponder whether the Federal Government is using this rejection as a sacrificial lamb merely to feign that they take environmental issues seriously.  Will they now nonchalantly move forward with such projects as the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipeline proposals?  Don’t get me wrong…I am pleased that Fish Lake is, for the time being, safe from destructive mining activities.  But, please Canada be wary, be vigilant and be active.  Keep following the process of what is going on with Kinder Morgan and Enbridge and all of the tar sands activities in our country.  Do not become complacent as the oil companies would like to see…I believe that their greed is bottomless, that their lack of compassion for the human toll is abysmal and that they have the federal government in their deeply moneyed pockets.

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