The right to free speech and appropriate representation

I’m here to share another call to action from Forest Ethics:

Dear Eldy,

In the short few weeks we were given to apply to submit comments to the National Energy Board’s (NEB) hearing on the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline 2,134 people successfully applied. Looks like the intimidation tactics by the Harper government surrounding the application process aren’t paying off very well for them.Now it’s time for us to support those 2,134 applicants by urging the NEB to accept their applications and make this hearing process more inclusive. Add your name to our letter before the March 30 deadline!

But before the NEB decides who gets to comment and who doesn’t on this major project,  ForestEthics Advocacy is going to submit an official request urging it to make this hearing more inclusive and allow for discussion on climate.

Short timelines, tedious application processes, and the threat of having our voices deemed irrelevant from the conversation are not going to silence our voices. We will not allow Harper to sacrifice our free speech for the benefit of oil companies like Kinder Morgan and Enbridge.

Join us in speaking out to the NEB before March 30.


Sven Biggs Campaign Organizer, ForestEthics Advocacy

Follow me on Twitter: @SvenBiggs

P.S. Join us and add your name to our letter now. We must submit it by March 30 in order for it to have an impact on the application in mid April. 

This process regarding Kinder Morgan and Enbridge is of major importance to the safety and well being of Canadians everywhere.  The wanton and rampant movement of corrosive toxic bitumen and other such heavy oil products through any part of Canada must be stopped.  Our right to the democratic process of free speech and appropriate representation must be upheld.  Let’s all get on board people!!!

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