Budget Day-Bleak News

In this email from the David Suzuki Foundation the direction that our country’s government has chosen is shockingly bleak:

Tomorrow is Budget Day in Canada. It’s when the federal government lays out its plans for your money– which programs and services it will introduce or expand and which it will cut or shut down.

Budgets are about choices–choices about what kind of country we are and what kind of things we value as a society. So while a lot of coverage will focus on what is or isn’t in this year’s budget, it’s important to look at this federal budget as a continuation in a long line of choices.

So let’s ask, “What choices have been made so far?”


Clearly, the answers aren’t good.

These budget choices paint a picture, and it doesn’t look good for the health of our communities and the people and places we love.

Tomorrow’s federal budget will represent another set of choices about what kind of Canada we’re leaving for our children and generations of children to come.





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