Gratitude Saturday

I am so grateful not to be stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere.  It was a distinct possibility today.  We set out on an adventure to Paddy Lake for some ice fishing.  We have been there before, numerous times both summer and winter, but this year it was our first snowmobiling attempt.  Well, there is one heck of a lot more snow this year than the past two and we are a lot longer into the winter season as well.

About 1/4 of the way in by sno-mo off of the highway, we were doing just great.  Some one had been in there already probably about a week or so ago judging by the snow.  We spotted 2 moose that crossed the trail in front of us, a bull and a cow, very big and very beautiful to see.  The forest surrounding the trail is a magical winter wonderland with marshmallow-like snow drooping luxuriously from every branch, rock, stump and fallen tree.

Then, at about the half way point, we came into the more winding and uphill portion of the terrain and things went to hell in a hand-basket in a matter of minutes.  We tipped over sideways, off of the trail and into the deep (very deep) snow.  No harm done physically of course as it was like falling into a downy feather bed with all that snow.  But we were  stuck, so very stuck.  The only thing for it was to disconnect the sleigh we were towing our fishing gear in, dig, dig, dig, lift, grunt, hoist and at last free up the machine.  Mike roared up the hill alone with it to where he could turn it around.

painted Bobbs  (800x540)We returned to the truck, reloaded the beast and decided to go to a lake on the other side of Eagle Creek that we have been to many times this year.  The only hold-up on this leg of the adventure was a tree that had fallen across the trail.  We travel with an axe along so Mike chopped it and moved it and the fishing for the day was on at last.

So very grateful for the bounty of Rainbow Trout that we were able to catch for dinner and to be safe at home before dark.

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