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Today’s environmental share is a newsletter from DeSmog Canada:


9 Reasons Why 2013 Was a Slow and Painful Year for Freedom In Canada

A look back at some of the most significant threats to Canadian freedom over 2013 — a year in which there were many more reasons to believe our Prime Minister is doing everything in his power to twist this country into a true north suppressed and disparate. READ MORE

The Day a Federal Panel Overruled B.C. — And Nobody Noticed

While many pundits outside B.C. point to the joint review panel’s report as proof Enbridge’s oil tanker and pipeline project is in the public interest, one important question remains unexplored: how is it that the province of B.C. and the federal panel came to such vastly different conclusions? READ MORE


The Future We Are Willing to Pay For: Himelfarb on Canadian’s Tax Aversion

Our tax conversation has become profoundly distorted. What’s missing in this conversation is what we get for the taxes we pay. We are more than just consumers and taxpayers. We are citizens with responsibilities for one another; we undertake to do some things together, things that we could never do alone or that we can do much better collectively. READ MORE

Canada’s Intelligence Watchdog Hired as Northern Gateway Lobbyist

That revolving door just keeps on turning.

As the Vancouver Observer recently reported, Canada’s spy watchdog and former Conservative cabinet minister Chuck Strahl registered in December to lobby the B.C. government on behalf of Enbridge subsidiary Northern Gateway Pipelines L.P.


Environment Canada Researchers Find High Mercury Levels Around Alberta Oilsands

Mercury levels have risen to 16 times the regional “background” levels in an area around oilsands developments in northeastern Alberta, according to Environment Canada researchers.


Environment Minister Scrapped Public Statement Saying Climate Change is Human-Caused and “Serious,” Internal Documents Show

A proposed public statement that acknowledged humans were “mostly responsible for climate change” and that Environment Canada took this threat “seriously” was dropped by environment minister Leona Aglukkaq in favour of a watered-down partisan message that made no meaningful mention of the issue of climate change, new documents show.


Enbridge Used Anonymous Companies to Propose Hydroelectric Dams in Salmon-Bearing Waters

While Canadians have had their eye on the company’s Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal, Enbridge has been quietly developing numerous new hydroelectric projects in major B.C. and Alberta waterways.


Feds Held Public Comment Period on Proposed Squamish LNG Plant Over Holiday Period

If you were busy enjoying the holiday season with your family, you might have missed a request for public opinion made by the federal government on December 17, 2013.


Read, enjoy, learn and share!!

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