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Here is an invitation to send a message of support through the David Suzuki Foundation:

Make your voice heard

Many people are upset by the Joint Review Panel’s recommendation to go ahead with the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. However, don’t despair over the holidays — this is far from over. This recommendation does not mean the pipeline will be built.

Right now it’s time to take action. Send a message of support to the 130 First Nations that still oppose the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Let them know you stand with them in solidarity as part of an unbroken wall of opposition. Your message will also be sent to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet who now have the choice to side with Canadians or with Enbridge.

The decision is in their hands. But to move forward, they need First Nations cooperation and support from British Columbians, and they have neither. So, this isn’t over yet. Your support of the Yinka Dene Alliance of 130 First Nations will encourage the cabinet to do the right thing and reject this proposal now.

The Joint Review Panel is an independent body, mandated by the Minister of the Environment and the National Energy Board and should be working in the best interests of Canadians and the environment we depend on. At community hearings across BC, the panel heard from 1,159 people who spoke against the pipeline. Only two spoke for it. It’s clear this decision doesn’t reflect the concerns citizens have raised around safety and the environment.

The Northern Gateway pipeline is linked to further expansion of the Alberta oil sands and more climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions. It would take us further away from our climate commitments and from our transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy.

At the David Suzuki Foundation our focus is on energy solutions. Solutions that invest in — and let us transition to — green, clean, renewable energy. 

We also support the rights of First Nations communities. We signed the Solidarity Accord for the Save the Fraser Declaration, agreeing with the Yinka Dene Alliance that we need to uphold indigenous laws and protect the health of British Columbia’s Fraser River watershed, including its headwaters.

This isn’t the end of the discussion. Make your voice heard now.


The David Suzuki Foundation team

I am on it…how about you??

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