Save the Great Barrier Reef

Here is an urgent alert from our  Greenpeace friends in Australia:

Eldy —This is big. In 72 hours, Environment Minister Greg Hunt is due to make a decision that could spell disaster for our Great Barrier Reef.

If the Minister goes ahead, three million cubic metres of seafloor will be dredged up and dumped to make way for a huge new coal terminal in the Reef World Heritage Area. It could transform this natural wonder into the largest coal export facility in the world.

Unthinkable isn’t it? That’s why we’re delivering a very special petition to Minister Hunt this Thursday — and every name counts.


Thanks for adding your voice Eldy. If we pull out all the stops, we can win this one for the Reef.


PS. In case you missed it, here’s a copy of the email I sent last week.

Can’t see this email? View the online version here.
Dear Eldy,Our new Environment Minister Greg Hunt has a big decision to make in the next two weeks that could seal the fate of our Great Barrier Reef.

Any time between now and 13 December, he’ll decide whether to grant coal port developers a license to dredge three million cubic metres of seabed to make way for three giant coal terminals. The proposal could see masses of ocean floor ripped up and dumped nearby inside the Reef Marine Park. We need to seize this moment now when he’s most sensitive to political pressure. 

So here’s what we’re going to do next. We’ll visit Minister Hunt on Thursday to share our concerns about this and other coal developments wrecking the Reef. We also want to leave him a lasting reminder of your voices and of this unique world treasure he’s charged with protecting. That’s why we’re going to hand-deliver a stunning, framed photograph of the Reef itself. On the back, we’ll print the names of thousands of people who want to save the Reef – the perfect way to help decorate his new office. It’ll form an impactful, visual message of where we stand, and what the Australian community expects of our government.

Eldy, I’d love your name to be on this special photograph. Can you click through and add your name today?


This is the beautiful image we want to hand over to Minister Hunt. He’s a keen scuba diver too, so he’ll know from personal experience the amazing underwater ecosystem Big Mining wants to plough through in order to export yet more climate-warming coal. 

Help Greg Hunt see the big picture

While he faces intense pressure from the pro-coal lobby and a Queensland Government which wants to industrialise the Reef at any cost, we’ve got something more powerful on our side: the voices of over 100,000 concerned Australians. In fact, the most recent research shows that 84% of Australians strongly oppose destructive dredging and dumping inside the Reef [1]. If you’re one of them, your name should be on this special “big picture” petition.

This is just one more step in our campaign to protect the Reef. Right now, one of our movement’s flagship vessels, the Greenpeace Esperanza, is in Queensland. This will draw local, national and international media attention to the coal industry’s attempts to wreck this wonder of the world for quick profits, which will help pile on the political pressure. 

We’re committed to doing whatever it takes: building pressure through the media, organising rallies, commissioning financial reports for potential investors or taking non-violent direct action to stop environmental destruction. If we act together, we can rise to and overcome the challenges ahead. Please add your voice now.

With determination,

Erland Howden Climate and energy campaigner Greenpeace Australia Pacific

PS. Dredging could begin in the heart of the Reef World Heritage Area, near the Whitsunday Islands, as early as March next year. Imagine Minister Hunt looking at this image in his Canberra office every day as he weighs up what really matters. Our meeting will make all the more impact if yours and thousands of other names are visibly there in support of Reef protection. Sign up today to be part of this moment, and I’ll be in touch soon to report back on the outcome of this important meeting.

[1] Aussies want dredging banned in reef area, poll shows, Gladstone Observer, 15 October 2013.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is part of a global movement of people taking action for a green and peaceful future. Read more about our work at We rely entirely on voluntary donations to carry out our campaigns. If you’d like to contribute to support our work, please donate now. You are receiving this email because you subscribed using To unsubscribe from our emails, click here.

My knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef stems from many special features on Jacques Couteau as I grew up…what a crime to destroy such a glorious natural habitat to promote fossil fuels which are killing our beloved Earth.  Please join in by signing this important petition.

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