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Today I share this message from the Wilderness Committee:

We’re challenging the gas industry’s thirst for fresh water!

Fracking infographic

Hi Eldy,

Everyone knows that water is our most precious resource. Right now, the gas industry is being allowed to pump millions of litres of fresh water out of Canada’s lakes, rivers and streams to be used in the fracking process – adding toxic chemicals and injecting it underground to force the gas out.

Just yesterday, the Wilderness Committee and Sierra Club BC – represented by Ecojustice – launched an important lawsuit aimed at protecting BC’s fresh water from this rampant industrial use.

In British Columbia, companies engaged in fracking are able to access excessive amounts of water with very little oversight, and are charged extremely low rates by the province’s Oil & Gas Commission, which is supposed to regulate the industry. We’re taking the Oil & Gas Commission to court after discovering that it’s been handing out unlawful permits for water use in fracking and other oil and gas operations – permits that violate the province’s Water Act. For more details on the lawsuit, click here to read the story in today’s Globe and Mail.

While BC is investing major resources into overblown plans to ship liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Asia through the Pacific Coast, British Columbians need to be aware of the real implications. Exporting as much LNG as the industry plans would mean ramping up fracking – and that means more water use, more toxic contamination, and a lot more climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

This month we’ve been circulating an infographic to help explain the industry’s massive water use and show people what these companies are taking – and at what cost. Now we need YOU to help us spread the word!

Will you post this graphic on your Facebook timeline, or share it on Twitter? We want the world to know exactly what the gas industry is getting away with.

Click here to share!

And that’s not all – you can also take action by signing our petition for a comprehensive ban on fracking in BC.

Join us in demanding that BC’s Premier protect our vital fresh water resources and the global climate by banning fracking in British Columbia. Sign the petition now!

Thank you for standing up for our fresh water – and for your support in putting this important issue under the spotlight!


Eoin Madden | Climate Campaigner
Wilderness Committee


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I hope everyone takes the time to check out their petition page and signs it too!

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