News update from EcoJustice

Here’s an email from EcoJustice with an update on what they are doing about fracking and excessive free use of water in BC:


Many of you have called and written to ask when we might launch a  fracking case. And for good reason: With protests in New Brunswick and  Newfoundland’s moratorium making headlines across the country, fracking  is in the hot seat.

Well, we’re about to make that seat a little hotter.

Today we filed a lawsuit with the B.C. Supreme Court, challenging a B.C. Oil and Gas Commission practice that allows the gas industry to exploit fresh water for fracking operations (among other things). This case is a crucial step forward in curtailing an industry whose practices increasingly threaten B.C.’s water resources and the ecosystems and people that depend on them.

Head over to the Ecojustice blog to learn more about this case or take immediate action and give a one-time donation to support our casework.

In gratitude,
Karen Campbell signature
Karen Campbell, staff lawyer | Ecojustice


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