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            14 Environmental Stories You Need To Read This Week

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This week’s recap includes stories about the state of species protection from federal and provincial environmental watchdogs as well as news that could affect pipeline projects in Alberta and British Columbia.

                         The Lakeside Daisy is one of the species listed as threatened under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act. ©Shutterstock

By Pierre Hamilton, Communications coordinator

“A pattern of unfulfilled commitments and responsibilities.”

That’s how Neil Maxwell, Canada’s interim commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development committee, described the federal government’s performance when it comes to the protection of wildlife and wilderness.

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Maxwell’s comments were linked to his fall report, released on Nov. 5. In it, he found that the departments responsible for protecting Canada’s rich natural legacy have fewer resources and competing demands. The result?

According to Maxwell, the federal government is unable to properly monitor protected wildlife areas, which exposes those areas to harm.

What’s more, several departments have violated their own legal requirements by failing to produce recovery strategies under the Species at Risk Act.

The statistic that pokes out is this one: There are 97 action plans required by law.

How many are in place?


And so we return to a familiar theme of broken promises. As James Brown once sang, “you can be talking loud and saying nothing,” if you know what I mean.

One day later, Gord Miller, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, released his report on weakened protections for wildlife and wilderness (Click here to read Gord Miller’s blog, An Attack on Ontario’s Species at Risk).

You’re noticing a theme here, right?

Miller’s take was that recent changes to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act have made it easier for industry to avoid consulting the government about actions that could harm endangered or threatened species (Click here to read about our lawsuit to undo this environmental injustice).

So it won’t surprise you to learn that Miller says Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources “has stalled in implementing the law at nearly every turn over the past five years.”

And now you know why Ecojustice exists.

Sometimes our governments don’t do what they promised. Sometimes their actions, or more accurately inaction, erode the things we love best about this country.

And when that happens, someone has to defend the vulnerable (Click here to join our mailing list and learn how we use the law to make a real difference in the lives of Canada’s endangered and threatened species).

Click below to read your stories of the week:

No federal plan for biodiversity, environment watchdog warns | CBC News

Liberal government’s changes ‘undermined’ Endangered Species Act | The Toronto Star


Taseko fires back at federal report claiming B.C. mine poses environmental threat | Financial Post

Alberta, B.C. pipeline deal gives Northern Gateway new push: Enbridge CEO | The Globe and Mail

Federal officials look for Fisheries Act violations in wake of Athabasca spill | Edmonton Journal


Alberta, B.C. pipeline deal gives Northern Gateway new push: Enbridge CEO | The Globe and Mail

Ottawa scales back oversight of offshore drilling | The Globe and Mail

Trudeau walking fine line on oilsands, environment |

Ewart: There’s no slowing oilsands development | Calgary Herald

Fracking on hold near Gros Morne, across Newfoundland and Labrador | CBC News

Clark, Redford have framework for pipeline deal | The Globe and Mail

Joe Oliver’s office edited answers from department on climate change report |

Global warming seen taking toll on economy, health and crops | Montreal Gazette

Canadians want Harper government to take leadership role on climate change, poll says | The Globe and Mail

– See more at:

I found these articles to be both fascinating and valuable knowledge…keep up the good work EcoJustice!!


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