What’s new at Ecojustice

Today I am sharing a newsletter that I received via email from EcoJustice with many interesting articles to read:

Dear Eldy,
Here’s a roundup of what’s new at Ecojustice this month. Please enjoy and share!
  In conversation with Ontario Nature Anne Bell says her organization counts on Ecojustice to help protect wildlife and wilderness. Find out why. 
Take action Learn about Ontario’s endangered species and help us choose an animal to be the star of our next ecard. Participate in our poll.
Who speaks for the trees? While our animal friends often play a starring role in efforts to protect Canada’s endangered species, it’s important to remember that the trees, flowers and moss need our help too.
That’s why we’ve gone to court to fight for the protection of B.C.’s endangered Costal Douglas-fir forests. Learn more about this case.
Thank you for being part of our team! Devon Page, Executive director | Ecojustice
P.S. Think Canada needs more informed, independent journalists asking tough questions? The Tyee, who we will be working with in the coming months, are going national. Learn more.

ecojustice.ca | facebook.com/ecojustice | @ecojustice_ca Toll Free – 1-800-926-7744  214-131 Water Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 4M3

This environmental organization does great things for our world…share this with everyone you



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