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There are many very informative and interesting articles to read in this DeSmog Canada newsletter that I share here:

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In the Soviet Era as in Canada: Science Suffers Under Authoritarian Rule

A guest post by Richard Kool, Associate Professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads University in Victoria. READ MORE

Tecumseh’s Ghost

A guest post by Allan R. Gregg, one of Canada’s most recognized and respected senior research professionals and social commentators. Gregg is Chair of the Walrus Foundation and is a member of the DeSmog Canada Advisory Council. READ MORE

In the Land of Wind and Solar: Germany’s Energy Transition

First In David Ravensbergen’s series on Germany’s Energy Transition. READ MORE

Is the German Energy Transition Everything it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Part 2 of David Ravensbergen’s series on the Germany Energy Transition. READ MORE.

Building a Popular Front Against Climate Change

The third part of three-part series exploring the German Energy Transition or Energiewende, by David Ravensbergen. READ MORE

Say Yes to a Butter Pipeline [funny video]

Northern Gateway launches new TV ad promising a “better pipeline.” We say change one letter and you’ve got a deal. READ MORE

LEAKED: Enbridge’s New Northern Gateway Pipeline Ad Campaign “Open to Better”

DeSmog Canada has obtained leaked copies of Enbridge’s new Northern Gateway Pipeline advertising campaign notes, including a ‘mood board’ that sets the tone for images surrounding the project, outlines and scripts for television commercials, and creative platforms for other advertising materials. The theme of the campaign is “Open to Better.” READ MORE

Influence in America: A Report on TransCanada Corporation’s Keystone XL Lobbying Activities

According to a new white paper by DeSmog Canada, TransCanada Corporation, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline proposal, has spent more than $4 million lobbying U.S. federal lawmakers and government department staff since 2010. READ MORE

Idle No More Global Day of Action Inspires Solidarity Across Canada and Around the World

From blockades in New Brunswick to highway slow-downs in Quebec to hundreds of youth marching on the legislature in BC, connections between communities reverberated across Canada and in countries all over the world yesterday.

October 7 marked the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 recognizing land rights of indigenous peoples in Canada, and more than 60 events on multiple continents happened in solidarity with Idle No More and Canadian indigenous peoples. READ MORE 

Canada in the Era of Unburnable Carbon

Investments in the oil, gas and coal industry are starting to lose their value and will become a liability based on a major UN report released today. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2000+page report confirms that Canada must keep more than 75% of its fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

Forget peak oil. This is the era of Unburnable Carbon. READ MORE

Protests Planned as Line 9 Hearings Begin in Montreal

Public hearings on Enbridge’s proposal to ship tar sands bitumen through its 37-year old Line 9 pipeline begin on October 8th in Montreal. These hearings are the first to be held under ‘new rules’ on public participation in major pipeline decisions that last year’s controversial federal omnibus bill C-38 introduced. READ MORE

Harper’s Office Backpedals After Banning Journalist From PM’s Malaysia Trip

This past weekend David Ellis, a CTV photo journalist with 28 years’ experience, boarded a plane bound for Malaysia with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. READ MORE


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