Gratitude Saturday

It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada so gratitude is in abundance in the air around us.  There are more cars, trucks and campers passing by than usual which speaks of the “family” aspect of the time of year.  Some people headed out to visit family, some people arriving to visit family, and some heading to camp with family just one more time before the snow flies.

I am grateful for the peacefulness of this exact moment.  We have extra dogs boarding this weekend…5 extra to be exact…and right now they are having a quiet time.  They are for the majority of the time a very vocal bunch.

I have spent the past couple of days yanking burrs off of the Burdock plants that have taken over about 1/4 of our property.  If I don’t get them off they will end up all over the dogs.  My hands are a mess as a result of bare-handedly ripping them from the plants and putting them into big garbage bags.

I am grateful for my hubby’s help today to finish the job.  I have consented to poisoning the lot of them come spring before they go to seed…they have just spread too greatly and successfully in this summer’s amazing heat and copious rain.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of the people who drop by my blogs, click the like button and/or leave a message.  I quietly and wholeheartedly sent my positive thoughts and energy out to the world today in gratitude for sharing life with the universe.

I know there are horrendous misdeeds afoot in the world but I sense an overwhelmingly vast amount of positive energy in existence as well.

This could be a result of our newest health and wellness regimen of Qigong.  I am grateful to have this age old method of self-healing at my fingertips to learn and share with my hubby.  I became aware of it through Cee’s website some time ago and checked around to find the right kind of video to follow and learn about it.


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