A Gifting Day

??????One my dog grooming clients really needed a break.

His faithful doggy of 12 years was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and the veterinary costs of the diagnostic tests and visits put a huge dent in his limited old age pension income.  He was heartbroken that he simply cannot afford the incredibly expensive medication that may (or may not) help to extend his pet’s life.  He had delayed his grooming appointment over and over as other unexpected expenses came up as well.  He has even delayed his own cataract surgery until he will be able to afford the medication he’ll require post-surgery.  After about the third cancelled  grooming appointment I decided he should get his grooming free to help out.

Once the groom was completed and he came back to pick up his pooch I told him that one of the benefits of being my own boss was that I could decide when someone should get a gift…so no charge today.

Well now that made him cry… but I still felt good about making his life just a little easier.  At that point he told me that he is also in the process of moving…more stress and expense.  But…now at least he can get his stuff and furniture moved out of his “ex’s” and over to his new place.  Egads…a relationship breakdown on top of all the rest.

Sometimes you just have a gut feeling that it is the right time for a gift…this was definitely one of those times.


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