Toxic Chemicals in Consumables-good news for a change

Here is some good news from Environmental Defence to share:

Dear Eldy,
Yes, there can be good news about toxic chemicals! I want to tell you about two GREAT stories that happened this month.   Earlier this month, industry giant Procter & Gamble promised to phase out triclosan and DEP (a phthalate) from products worldwide. Following that announcement, just last week Walmart U.S., the largest retailer in the United States, launched a “Policy on Sustainable Chemistry in Consumables” , laying out their plans to phase out key toxics and to improve ingredient disclosure.   In its announcement, Walmart U.S. committed to reducing or eliminating 10 chemicals in the products it sells and also for its suppliers to disclose the ingredients in their products. Suppliers will be required to provide online public ingredient disclosure by January 2015.   Both of these announcements happened because of the efforts of people like you. This is a sign that companies are listening.   Environmental Defence has long called for companies to remove toxic chemicals from their products and to fully disclose their ingredient lists, particularly in cosmetics, fragrance, and parfum. Consumers have the right to know what’s in the products they buy, so they can make informed purchasing decisions and reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals.   These announcements indicate a positive shift in industry. And it is our hope that other companies will follow suit.   More work still needs to be done. You can continue to support our efforts to improve disclosure in Canadian products by signing our petitions and sharing the message with your friends and family.     Thank you for our supporting our work to make change happen.  
Maggie MacDonald Toxics Program Manager

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