Gratitude Day

IMGP9549 p (1280x850)I am so grateful for the wonderful extended summer weather that is giving my garden more time to grow.  We have a greenhouse full of green tomatoes that really need this to ripen.

I am totally grateful that our 21 day board dog went home on day 19 instead.  What a wonderful and beautiful creature but what a handful he was…non-neutered male, a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  He could not be mixed in with the family pack so it was a period of vigilance to keep the peace through separation.

I am grateful for our continued good health and contentedness, our good neighbours and the ability to enjoy our retirement together.

I am also grateful for the amazing and fun aspect of Photoshop that I am learning how to use.  Check this out…

before photoshop

before photoshop

after photoshop

after photoshop

I gave myself a face-lift.  What fun that was!  It was my first attempt at trying out portrait adjustments with Photoshop so the eyes look over-done.  But, I am grateful for the amusement factor anyway.


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