Gratitude Day

Apparently Gratitude Saturday has slipped into Sunday…oh well.  I am still feeling grateful none the less.  I am grateful for the calm that has fallen upon our small patch of land here. The scorching heat of summer has abated in favor of moderate temperatures.

Our puppy Little Bear is growing bigger and more delightful every day.  I am so grateful for our good fortune…we definitely got the right one.

I feel very grateful for today’s beautiful weather which allowed us to get out into the forest for a bit of craft material hunting.

IMGP9592 p (1280x850)The pungent scent of bear was on the wind but nothing came of it….very grateful for that.  I did get some great photos…this one shows the tall grasses laid down in swaths from a passing bear. Again very grateful not to have actually come across the bear.  There were wild berries aplenty earlier in that same area…maybe he came back to check if some were missed.

I am grateful for the wildlife that abounds in our area…it is still healthy to live here…for every living creature so far.


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