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Have you checked out the Sierra Club website lately; there are some very interesting things afoot here in BC.  Here is the recent newsletter that I received via email to share (be sure to click on the learn more links to read the entire article):

QUADRA PARKS B.C. government bids on heart of Quadra Parks Quadra Islanders and Sierra Quadra are pleased the B.C. government has made a last-minute bid to purchase the heart of Quadra Parks, a vital piece of land connecting two spectacular marine parks – Octopus Island and Small Inlet provincial parks. Just days before the August 1 deadline, Environment Minister Mary Polak said the government was $2 million short to make the purchase, but in a surprise move, the province squeaked in with a sealed bid just in time. Learn more.

COAL EXPORTS Massive expansion planned for coal export facilities in Metro Vancouver and on Texada Island. 
Sierra local groups in Powell River and the Lower Mainland are concerned about a proposed expansion of port facilities in Surrey and on Texada Island to handle U.S. coal on its way to overseas markets. Marine pollution and coal dust particulates are a concern for residents at both ends of the proposed coal route featuring two coal trains a day along White Rock beaches and through Delta farmland. Increasing coal exports through B.C. ports, including the facility on Texada, will facilitate the expansion of the coal industry at a time when we need to shrink, and ultimately phase out, coal as an energy source. Learn more.

EDUCATION Sierra Club BC launches new youth education programThis September, Sierra Club BC’s Education team launches the Youth Environmental Leadership Program in Victoria. The new education program is open to all high school students and offers a 9-month curriculum of workshops, activities and events. We think of youth as leaders of tomorrow, but we need to recognize the importance of youth leadership in social structures today, explains Sierra Club BC educator Kieran Dowling. Learn more about the program and future plans.

SITE C  Groups call for full inquiry into Site C megadam proposalEnvironmental groups and First Nations are calling for a full investigation by the B.C. Utilities Commission of the proposed Site C megadam on the Peace River. With a price tag of almost $8 billion, an objective analysis of whether the proposed Site C project is even necessary, let alone in the best interests of British Columbians, is long overdue. Learn more.

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Sierra Club BC’s mission is to protect B.C.’s wilderness and wildlife, especially in light of global warming.


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