“Petition Science”

bookI am further into the book “Climate Cover-up” written by James Hoggan with Richard Littlemore, and I still feel both angry and bewildered at the misleading way that lobbyists and oil interests are treating the facts of global warming.  At this point I have become aware of what is referred to in the book as “petition science”.

For this sham, petitions are produced stating that the undersigned are “scientists” who agree that global warming…now called climate change…is either not happening or is not man-made by our continual oil industry development and dependence on fossil fuels.

Upon inspection of the names and contact with said “scientists” investigators are discovering that in most cases they are either dead, not climate science orientated or did not even sign the petition.

Needless to say:

“The target audience for the endless flow of “petition science” isn’t the community of climate science.  The target audience is the increasingly confused general public and politicians who are similarly bewildered or seriously beholden to special interests.”– “Climate Cover-up” written by James Hoggan with Richard Littlemore

By sowing the seeds of doubt, the oil industry sponsored spin doctors discourage changes to the way things are being done.  I believe that this has created a carefully orchestrated uncertainty and may well be the undoing of our planet before significant changes can be implemented to cease the madness of fossil fuel dependence.

We all need to be wary of the power of words…we need to check the credentials of the people who inform us on such a gravely important matter or carefully examine their quoted sources to confirm the truth of their statements.

I am now aware that true science is peer-reviewed by other scientists in the same field of research or study and published in reputable Science Journals…not just some opinion piece in the daily rag newspaper.


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  1. I read something recently that stated almost all scientists are in agreement regarding climate change. It’s the opinions of the politicians, governments, and corporations that deny the possibility because of their own interests.

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