Queen of Green reigns

It has been a while since I shared a newsletter from the David Suzuki Foundation’s Queen of Green; this is an interesting one with many good links to check out:

David Suzuki's Queen of Green

Share the benefits of nature

After gorging ourselves on height-of-summer fresh produce, let’s turn our attention to preserving some of that local fare to sustain us through the winter! Freezing fruits and vegetables is so easy, even the busiest aspiring locavores have time to put up some of the bounty. We’ll be sharing favorite recipes, tips for canning and other foodie goodness on Pinterest and Facebook all month. Join the delicious fun!.

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8 simple shortucts to safe summer fun

8 Simple Shortcuts to Safe Sun

Whether you’re harvesting a balcony garden, enjoying the farmers market or berry picking, enjoy the summer sun while protecting yourself and your family with these simple suggestions. Read the full story.
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12 ways to avoid hidden BPA

According to a recent Health Canada report, 95 per cent of Canadians have traces of Bisphenol A in their urine. Once you uncover the surprising places BPA is lurking, limiting your exposure is easier than you think. Read the full story. Read the full story.
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DIY pedicure for naturally fabulous feet!

Ditch petroleum-derived paraffin treatments, environmentally damaging cuticle-removing formulas and toxic nail polish for greener alternatives! Here’s a five-step, natural, DIY pedicure that’s simple and effective for beautiful summer feet. Read the full story.
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The power of you

If information alone moved people to green living, we wouldn’t be in this muddle. But people often listen with their hearts, not their heads. For transformative change, we need more than science to speak. We need you! Read the full story. Read the full story.
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Get involved: The Better Back-to-school Brigade

It’s all bike rides and backyard bliss today, but fall is around the corner – which means we’re gearing up (excuse the pun) for school! August 15 to September 15, the Queen of Green’s Better Back-to school Brigade will cover the ABCs of getting back to school – and work – green. We’ll be sharing tips, hosting tweet ups and sponsoring giveaways. Want to be a part of the Brigade? Email me at tpaglaro@davidsuzuki.org!


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