Gratitude Saturday

I am so grateful for the friendships that we have formed here since we moved in about 6 years ago.

We spent several hours on Friday at our neighbour’s 80th birthday celebration.  It was a delightful surprise dinner party arranged and hosted by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  What a joy it was for her to be surprised by the event itself and doubly so for the many of her children who flew in for the party…some from as far away as South America.  We felt very honoured to be invited to attend with her many other friends whose lives she has touched with her loving spirit over the years.

Today, we drove over to another of our new-found Cariboo country friends who generously invited us to pick raspberries from their very prolific raspberry patch.  They had already picked and frozen their fill and chose to share the bounty with us.  We now have about 16 quart bags in our freezer too.  Wow there were sooo many ripe and jumping off into our willing hands…and…many more yet to ripen.  What a great berry, fruit and vegetable season this year…hot and sunny.  It is 30 degrees C as I write this.

My gratitude abounds in my heart for all of this.


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