“bitumen is still coming up from the ground.”-DeSmog Canada


Cold Lake bitumen release on CNRL’s Primrose site. Courtesy of Emma Pullman. from DeSmog Canada

I have come across an excellent environmental site…DeSmog Canada…that I would like to share here.  The link will take you to their About us page.  Their Home Page contains several relevant links to articles written about what is “really” going on when it comes to environmental issues.  The article that accompanies this photo is a real eye opener.

I also followed a link to view the first chapter of the book “Climate Cover-up” which I found very interesting.  I am feeling curious enough to read more and will check it out of the library if it is there….I may have to buy it though.

I think that every one should be curious to know who is trying to dupe us into a false sense of security regarding climate change. It is a huge and ongoing enterprise to keep the oil industry moving forward against all good scientific sense.  And it is fundamentally, morally and ethically WRONG…a crime against humanity even.


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