Alberta Tar Sands: A Legacy of Negligence and Deceit

This is the part that is important in this re-blogged article: “Overall, the data shows the disconcerting reality that environmental violations in Alberta’s tar sands region are frequent, enforcement is rare, record keeping is dysfunctional, and there is a chronic failure to disclose important environmental information to the public.”

Earth First! Newswire

by Adam Kingsmith / DeSmogBlog

It’s no secret that the province of Alberta, the government Canada, and the titans of the fossil fuel industry pride themselves on robust regulatory and oversight structures when it comes to the extraction of natural resources.

“Environmental protection is a priority for our government and Canada is a global environmental leader,” said Canada’s Natural Resources Minister, Joe Oliver. “This is why Canada’s oil sands are subject to some of the most stringent environmental regulations and monitoring in the world.”
“The regulations that are in place are very stringent, the most stringent in North America and certainly around the world,” added Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, Diana McQueen. “We have a lot of development in this province, but we also have very tough regulations with regards to any spills that happen.”
“The system is working,” continued Alberta Energy Regulator CEO Jim Ellis. “We…

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