The Green Party of Canada Platform: 5.14 Africa, 5.15 Latin and South American partnerships, 5.16 Haiti

It has been a while but I have not forgotten. Here is another segment of the Green Party platform to share:

5.14 Africa

We must work to end the international plundering of Africa’s natural resources and turn our attention to supporting the emergence of strong, African nations with full respect for their sovereignty.

We need to follow and support the African Union’s leadership role in establishing cooperative peace and security treaties between countries and reinforce solutions created by Africans for Africans. Now is not the time to abandon or withdraw our support to the African continent.

The Canada Fund for Africa has come to an end. Some programs will continue but the government is very vague as to what our real commitment is to Africa.

At a time when Canadians are being told not to allow Afghanistan to regress into chaos we have the Canadian government withdrawing from Africa. Not only withdrawing financial aid but peacekeeping operations. Africa needs a renewed commitment from Canada both financially and through peacekeeping.

5.15 Latin and South American partnerships

Green Party MPs will:

  • Build neutral, independent partnerships with Latin and South American countries that display and reflect Green principles by:
  • Actively engaging those countries in creating partnerships in development aid and economic investment that promote our mutual ideals of Fair Trade and promotion of strong civil society, human rights and respect for indigenous peoples and the environment;
  • Offering diplomatic assistance in furthering common objectives;
  • Promoting and supporting the development of mutual peace and cooperation accords that respect sovereignty between The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA)-aligned states and other states; and
  • Denouncing all outside interference that promotes internal violence and/or the violent overthrow of democratically elected governments in the regions.

5.16 Haiti

At the end of the year 2003, Haiti was a nation struggling to overcome two centuries of brutal dictatorships, and ecological disaster. Haiti had succeeded twice in peacefully transferring power from one democratic government to another. It was denied a third chance due to international interference and a violent coup d’état.

Then, in January of 2010, a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti, killing over 200,000 people and leaving 1.3 million people homeless. Survivors are still facing water, housing and food shortages and, starting in the fall of 2010, a major cholera epidemic. Haiti needs Canada’s help more than ever.

Green Party MPs will:

  • Expand emergency and long-term aid to help Haiti recover and rebuild from the 2010 earthquake and subsequent health crises.

  • Call for a full, independent inquiry into Canada’s role leading up to the collapse of the democratic government of Haiti in February 2004 and its role in supporting a non-elected government guilty of committing human rights abuses.

  • Support ecological reforestation projects that address both forest recovery and commercially viable tree crops that holds more monetary value for its crop yield than its value as wood and further continue the development of and/or support for the development of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar that can eventually eliminate the need for wood as cooking fuel while also significantly reducing the need for foreign oil and gas importation.

  • Provide funding for the long-term support and expansion of a Haitian Ministry of the Environment including the training of forest rangers and agents with the responsibilities of monitoring and enforcing environmental laws and forest protection against human interference.

  • Press for the speedy resolution of land title issues currently preventing the rebuilding of permanent housing and infrastructure. If necessary, move to an international land resolution approach to resolve the impasse quickly.

  • Continue to assist the Haitian government with international/bilateral debt reduction and/or debt forgiveness.


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